How does Ayurtox Work?

Ayurtox's ingredients address toxin overload in three major ways:

  • Support colon, liver, and kidney functions
  • Ensure multiple daily bowel movements
  • Counteract free radical activity

That sounds great, but what does it mean?

Ayurtox and Detoxification Support

Since the 1940s, over 3,000 chemicals have been added to your food supply and 10,000 chemicals are used for food processing. You ingest hundreds of pounds of food annually that are contaminated by these chemicals. In your lifetime through food you ingest, water you drink and bathe in, and air you breathe, you will consume 100 times the amount of pesticides, chemicals, life stock hormones, and preservatives than your grandparents did.

Since your detoxification system (colon, kidneys, and liver) has not evolved quickly enough to handle this level of toxins, they become damaged and your body accumulates toxins and free radical damage. This inevitably disrupts the natural harmony and balance of your body to cause a wide range of health problems.

To help ensure normal elimination of toxins, Ayurtox delivers targeted phytonutrients known to support the detoxification system:

Colon - 6-Gingerdiol, 6-Gingesulfonic-Acid, 9-Oxo-Nerolidol, Alpha-Selinene, Alpha-Zingiberene, Beta-Santalol, Beta-Selinene, Capric-Acid, Citronellyl-Acetate, Decan-1-Al, Dodecanoic-Acid, Elemol, Ethyl -Myristate, Fluoride, Galanolactone, Geranial, Gingerenone-A, Gingerenone-B, Gingerenone-C, Inulin, Mannose, P-Methoxy-Cinnamic-Acid, Palmitic-Acid-Ethyl-Ester, Xanthotoxin.

Liver - 6-Gingerol, 6-Shogaol, Aesculetin, Alizarin, Alpha-Amyrin, Andrographolide, Beta-Amyrin, Beta-Eudesmol, Beta-Sitosterol, Betaine, Borneol, Caffeic-Acid, Chlorogenic-Acid, Choline, Curcumin, Ellagic-Acid, Esculetin, Eugenol, Ferulic-Acid, Gallic-Acid, Gingerol, Glycyrrhetic-Acid, Glycyrrhetinic-Acid, Glycyrrhizic-Acid, Glycyrrhizin, Herniarin, Humulene, Hyperos, Hyperoside, Isogingerenone-B, Isovaleraldehyde, Kaempferol, Labda-Trans-8(17)-12-Diene-15-16-Dial, Lecithin, Leucine, Linoleic-Acid, Methionine, Naringenin, Niacin, P-Methoxy-Cinnamic-Acid, Phyllemblin, Quercetin, Rutin, Scopoletin, Serine, Tannin, Terchebin, and Xanthotoxin.

Kidneys - 6-Gingerdiol, 6-Gingesulfonic-Acid, 9-Oxo-Nerolidol, Alpha-Selinene, Alpha-Zingiberene, Beta-Santalol, Beta-Selinene, Capric-Acid, Citronellyl-Acetate, Decan-1-Al, Dodecanoic-Acid, Elemol, Ethyl-Myristate, Fluoride, Galanolactone, Geranial, Gingerenone-A, Gingerenone-B, Gingerenone-C, Mannose, and Palmitic-Acid-Ethyl-Ester.

Ayurtox and Bowel Movements

When digestion becomes sluggish from a low fiber diet, waste matter remains in your body longer than it should and toxins leak into your circulatory system. Over time, these toxins accumulate in body tissue and organs and cause a wide range of health problems.

Ayurtox works to ensure 2 or more bowel movements daily for rapid elimination of waste matter. It does this by delivering phytonutrients that exert digestion supporting activities on your gastrointestinal system:

Anti-Gastrics - Apocynine, Betaine, Cedrol, Epilupeol, Glycine, Myricetin, Nor-Damnacanthal, Paeonol, Purpurin, Quercetin, Thiamin, and Vitamin-B-1.

Gastrostimulants - Acetophenone, Azadirone, Galanolactone, Gingerol, Humulene, Isogingerenone-B, Isonimbinolide, Isovaleraldehyde, Labda-Trans-8(17)-12-Diene-15-16-Dial, Meldenin, Nimbandiol, Nimocinol, Shogaol, and Zingibain.

Laxatives - Alpha-Phellandrene, Anthraquinones, Cinnamic-Acid, Fiber, Fructose, Inulin, Kutkin, Lignin, Mannitol, P-Cymene, Sorbitol, Sulfur, and Vanillic-Acid.

Ayurtox and Free Radical Activity

"Free radicals" are damaged cells in your body. They are "free" because they are missing a critical molecule, which sends them on a rampage to pair with another molecule. As they acquire molecules from other cells, they damage the DNA of these cells. When this happens, the cell becomes mutated, grows abnormally, and reproduces abnormally as well. This is believed to be the underlying cause of diseases.

Toxins trigger free radical production and the subsequent damage. Antioxidants capture free radicals and neutralize them to stop cellular damage and mutation.

Besides helping to eliminate toxins, Ayurtox also supplies antioxidants and antioxidant synergists to counteract free radical activity:

4-Terpineol, 6-Gingerdiol, 6-Gingerol, 6-Shogaol, Alanine, Andrographolide, Apigenin, Ascorbic-Acid, Beta-Carotene, Beta-Sitosterol, Caffeic-Acid, Campesterol, Camphene, Capsaicin, Catechol, Chlorogenic-Acid, Citric-Acid, Corilagin, Curcumin, Cysteine, Delph, Ellagic-Acid, Esculin, Ethyl-Gallate, Eugenol, Ferulic-Acid, Gallic-Acid, Gamma-Terpinene, Histidine, Hyperoside, Isochlorogenic-Acid, Isoquercitrin, Kaempferol, Malic-Acid, Lecithin, Lupeol, Mannitol, Methionine, Myrcene, Myristic-Acid, Neoandrographolide, P-Hydroxy-Benzoic-Acid, Palmitic-Acid, Quercetin, Quercitrin, Rutin, Scopoletin, Selenium, Shikimic-Acid, Sinapic-Acid, Stigmasterol, Sucrose, Tannin, Tartaric-Acid, Tryptophan, and Vanillic-Acid.

Are you ready to cleanse your body for long-term health? Try Ayurtox today!